My veggie garden

I grow vegetable every year from spring to autumn.
I usually start farming in March and sow seeds in April.

So it's a bit later than usual for this year.

I went to buy some vegetable seedlings and potting compost at Komeri DIY shop.



OK, now I'm ready to go into the wild!!

The soil of the field is really hard.
Because the field has been abandoned from last year since deer nets were destroyed by a typhoon and deer took over my field.

(the deer nets have fixed now.)

When I tried to plow the soil using a hoe, it was so hard and the hoe was bouncing back.

So I plowed minimum space roughly and mixed the soil with the potting compost.

My veggie garden is lazy style like a planter in the field.

Will they grow OK?

Now what I can do is "pray".

"grow well - grow well - come on fruit - come on fruit"

OK, it should be good!

Well, I am very satisfied with what I have done today.

What I planted today is
3 eggplants


2 peppers (green and red)

2 cucumbers

3 tomatoes (mini and large)

I planted 13 seedlings today.

I am very much looking forward to the harvest.

Can't wait for it!