Which do you like!?

After got used to living in Keihoku, now I'm a country man.
The other day, I had to go to Tokyo on a business trip.
 That was very tiring for country man.

So, I looked back why it was so tired for me.

I think the biggest reason is travel distance and time.

1. 15 mins drive to Keihoku bus terminal.
2. 90 mins to Kyoto station by bus.
3. 2 hours and 20 mins Kyoto to Tokyo by Shinkansen.
4. 50 mins to Shinagawa station to the station where I needed to be.

And the next day returned to Kyoto.


Walking on foot i
n the crowd people and I got lost in the metro were particularly tiring.

In my daily life, I really do not walk at all unless I take a walk, but I had to walk in an urban city.

In a sense, city lifestyle may be healthier than the countryside style.

There are many things and places in the city and that is very convenient, but I prefer the current lifestyle in the countryside.


Advertisings are tremendous in the metropolitan. They
enkindle my desires.


I felt really relieved when I came back to Keihoku.


What I realized from this experience is

there is nothing in Keihoku but which is really rich and awesome.

Thank you Keihoku letting me live.

Viva Keihoku life!!