Hybrid wood-fired hot tub

I have my housework on the weekends.
It is to make a hot bath by burning woods.

This wood-fired hot tub boiler is a common hot tub system of the old house in Keihoku, and it's a hybrid type has a kerosene boiler system as well.

Kerosene boiler is very handy, because sometimes the bottom of the hot tub is not warm enough(have to stir it up) then you can switch on Kerosene boiler to heat bit more up.

The kerosene boiler was broken before, then I had to call my wife and ask,

"Could you please add some firewoods to boiler!? It's so cold..."

It's nice to have this kind of conversation. But we didn't want that in the winter time.

It is difficult to make hot but in winter, it takes 2 hours to warm up.
After about an hour from liting fire, I have to go outside below freezing point and add some more firewoods.
Honestly, it's kinda bothering.

And the bathroom(shower room) is outside that difficult sometimes.
I dash to the bathroom shaking naked even in freezing cold weather.

On the other hand, it is easy to warm it up in summer and travel to the bathroom is easy too.

I correct woods from around my house and get scrap woods from friends.
It's very economy friendly.

Using firewood daily life is I feel I'm in the natural circulation, and I feel so good and I can not stop it, it's so fun.

But, I set up to the gas boiler as well to have a hot shower.

It's super convenient.

Turning the tap, and hot water comes out.
For you, it may be very normal. But I am so impressed after using firewood for the hot tub for two years.

Thanks for the great invention!

Now I can choose firewood or kerosene or gas.

It is a hybrid lifestyle. I really like it.

With gratitude, I warm up the hot tub by firewood for tonight.