Swallow's nest

We have swallows flying in satoyama sky in this time of year.

Swallows make their nest under the eaves of local's house.

My grandma says,
"If there's a swallow's nest under the eaves of my house, which brings good luck to the family according to an old saying.

I see busy the mother and the father of swallow are carrying foods to their baby every day.

So there's their nest at my house as well.

Crows come and try to catch swallow's baby.

Raising a child is hard for their world too.

Last year, it was very sorry to see the ruined nest, crows came and destroyed it when our family away from the house.

This morning,

" The swallow's nest is secured now, it's protected very well."

My grama said and left to the rice field.

So I went to check the security system.


Oh!! is it OK?


It was surprising for me, not looking good at all.

This is done by an old cucumber net from last year.

My grandma says "Crows don't like their wings to touch something when they are flying, but swallows are small so they can come to their nest. This is very well designed."


I really wish the safety net will work and the baby swallows will grow well and leave the nest happily.