Rainbow in the Satoyama sky

I got a phone call from my wife when I was working in the office.

She said,
"Hey listen listen! there's a strange rainbow in the sky. You gotta take a look! "

She sounded very exciting.

She always overreacts to things.

"OK, I'll take a look."

I thought "she is such a happy one. It would be great if I can react to things like her."

So I went out to take a look at the rainbow.


Oh, wow!


This is cool! I've never seen it before!

OK, she wasn't overreacting.

I checked the strange rainbow on the internet.

And found out

It is called a circumhorizontal arc.

You can see that very rarely when the weather is going to rain after a few days of a very hot day.

I feel like something good is gonna happen.