Grandma's farm part 2

My grandma goes to her farm early in the morning to check "how are vegies doing?".

She came back to the house and said,

"Hey, I got something good for you from my farm."

"What's that?"

"That are strawberries"


Oh, I love strawberries.

But I didn't know that she is growing strawberries on her farm, so I went to check how she grows them.

I found the strawberry plants with a lot of weeds.

I asked my grandma how she grows,

"I got the strawberry plants from my friend. And I plant them while ago but I did not look after them so much."

OK, that's why that is surrounded by a lot of weeds.

Strawberries seem very strong, they grow like a wild.

Maybe my grandma's farm suits to them.

Thank you, grandma!!