False strawberry is natural medicine??

As the summer solstice gets closer, sunlight hours get longer.

I get very energized this season.

And I love going out to the mountains and doing gardening. It's a lovely season.

When it's warm, many insects love coming out too.

I'm not very welcoming mosquitos and black flies.

Have you got sucked by black flies?

It's really itchy and can be painful especially if I scratch the sucked point.

When I get sucked by them.

I put the handmade false strawberry liquid on the sucked part.

False strawberries are not tasty but that liquid is very useful.

How to make the false strawberry liquid.

1. Pick some false strawberries.

2. Put them in white liquor (35% of alcohol)

3. Wait for about 2 weeks.

that's all.

The left one in the photo I made last year and the right one in the photo was made yesterday.


The left of the photo is the one I made last year. The right one was made yesterday.

I asked my daughter to pick up the false strawberries.

It's a nice cool feeling to put the liquid.

The smell is a bit fruity and nice.

Why don't you make one for yourself? It's very easy to make.

What can you do if you get sucked or bitten by insects while you hicking but you don't have the liquid or medical cream?

You can use herbs Yomogi (mugwort) or Dokudami(Houttuynia cordate) for first aid.

Just squeeze and rub the herb on the affected part.

It helps.

But I recommend you to wear long sleeves and use insects sprays to protect from insects.

Now you ready to go to the wild.

Have fun!

(Note) "medicine effect of folk medicine" in this article is based on folk traditions and experiences.
Please get contact with the medical institution for medical treatment.