Mini rice field

I've been enjoying gardening with my family for the weekends for a while.

The other day, My daughter told me "I want to grow rice".

I decided to plant rice today to answer the request of my daughter.

To grow rice we need a rice field. But we don't have one.

So we decided to make a mini rice field by polystyrene foam.

Put the soil in the polystyrene foam, and fill some water · · ·

Mix the soil and water well, and it's done!

Now, all we have to do is plant the rice seedlings.

Luckily we got the rice seedlings from our neighbor.

The planting was finished in a few seconds.

I took us less than an hour from rice field making to rice planting.

This is our Keihoku-style food education.

You can get many things easily in this day and age.
So that's why I would like to take more time and give some more efforts to do something to enjoy life more.

Would it be enough harvests for a bowl of rice?

I am looking forward to the harvest.