flying radish

The vegetables in my field are growing little by little, and I like going to see how they grow.

One of radish call Hatsuka Daikon(20 days radish) is growing well. They get be ready to harvest in 20 days.

It's been about 30 days since I sowed seeds, but they are still small.
I haven't thinned them out properly yet, so they couldn't get bigger.

I thinned them out.

The standard size of the harvest is 3 to 4 centimeters, so they can grow a little bit more.

But I'm happy even they are a bit small.

If you look at radish from this angle, it's kinda cool.

It is fun to make vegetables with time and effort.

I started thinking about one thing after started growing vegetables.
"how can be so cheap that vegetables sold in supermarkets"

How efficiently should I grow them to sell them at such a low price?

Farmers are great.

I can't even supply my own food, but farmers make foods for everyone.
That's great.

Distribution and market systems are great too.

Thank you. I can survive.

But farmers are rapidly decreasing a lot, and I wonder what will happen to Japan if no one wants to be a farmer.

In fact, not many young people want to be a farmer.

It's happening everywhere in Japan, of course in Keihoku too.
The shortage of farmers due to the ongoing depopulation, low birthrate, and aging population.

There are many people who move to Keihoku and start farming but still not enough to look after all fields.
Perhaps the people who are most welcome among immigrants are farmers.

If you really want to start farming, there is a subsidy system, so why don't you ask the Keihoku Agricultural and Forestry Promotion Center in the Keihoku Kyoto city branch office?

By the way, I ate the fresh radish in the field, and it was extremely delicious.
They grow easily, so I recommend it for home gardening.