summer guest has come

"Where is the Tsuyu gone?"

There is a rainy season called "Tsuyu" in Japan.

It starts at the beginning of Jun and ends in the middle of July in Kyoto usually.

Then it will be the summer after that.

But Tsuyu hasn't come to Kyoto yet.

Locals are chatting about Tsuyu with neighbors often recently saying "Where's the Tsuyu gone?"

Today, we had a tiny guest from summer even we haven't had a tsuyu season.

My colleague Mr. S brought a small guest on the table.

The guest is a stag beetle(female). (it's called Kokuwagawa in Japanese.)
It seems to be the most common kind of stag beetle in Japan.

"Where does the guest come from?" I asked.

Mr. S said "She was on the stump over there. " And showed me where he found her.
"She might have had a winter sleep in there." Mr. S added.

It may be hot enough to come. We had hot days like summer recently.

Then, I negotiated to her to appear on the blog then we had a photo session after that.

She is a really good model.
When I pointed my camera at her, she was posing.

Apparently, stag beetles have ears, and they can hear."

She might understand what I was asking for.

After the photo session,

I guided her to a place full of greenery.
Thank you very much for visiting us.
It was a relaxing satoyama afternoon.