red sky in the west

Did you see the sunset yesterday?

What is the view of sunset in your town like?

Coloring buildings beautifully,

Make the train orange behind the crossing gate,

Pushing the bicycle was dyed orange,

The sunset is not only coloring the surround thing but also in the human heart.

My heart was got dyed red too. haha

My kitchen is on the west side. so I could see the sunset from the window.
It was so beautiful yesterday.

Then I went out without thinking.


I was enchanted by looking at sunset growing red that showed me different faces every moment.

The sunset seemed like saying "See you tomorrow!" and it's gone further away.

I remembered one scene with my mother when I was a little,

"Dinner's ready!"

I was called by my mother at the sunset time.

And today, I was called

"Dinner is not ready yet?!" by my son. lol.

OK, I'm a mother now.

The sunset is wonderful in early summer Satoyama.