Cool way to gift "onion"

From this time of year, we see onions are drying under the eaves of the local houses.

In Keihoku, it is common to plant onions around November and harvest them in June.

Do you know why we dry onion under the eaves?

Because onions can get bad keeping in dumpy place, so they can be kept for a longer time by storing in a dry and well-ventilated place.

It's not because locals want to show off their harvest to everyone. lol

I've never tried growing onions. Because I don't farm in winter.

It's looking cool hanging them, isn't it?


I love to take photos of this kind of scene.

The graffiti on the wall was written by this grandmother's grandchild on the photo.

She asked me "Do you grow onions?"

After I took some photos of the onion.

And I answered. "No, I don't."

Then she said. "Then I give you some onions."

I got a lot of onions.


But I felt sorry, cos, it seemed like I was wanting onions.

She is so cool, isn't she?

She is such a giving person.

I want to be like that.

I think I'll try growing onions this year.

If I would be a good harvest, I will share them with my friends. (Even the harvest wouldn't be so good I'll push myself so hard to give away to be cool.)

I named "Cift" for short of "a cool way of gift".

Let's be a cifter!! can change the world a better place.