Come with a frog

The rainy season seemed to finally begin.
It seems to be later for 21 days than the average year.

So it's rainy today, of course, it's the rainy season now.

But it doesn't really matter for my work. so I came to our office.

When I arrived at the office, I looked at the car.

There was a frog.

It was a big one!

It's about 5 - 6 centimeters.

We came together from our house somehow accidentally.

Is it a tree frog? No, maybe it's too big for a tree frog.

So I googled it.

It seems to be a forest green tree frog.

Forest green tree frogs are decreasing nationwide and appointed to an endangered species in some prefecture.

The frogs are unique. They lay eggs on a tree of the waterside.

I see flogs very often in Keihoku. Because there are many rice fields.

Especially I see them more on a rainy day. frogs love to play with water on a road. Unfortunately, many of them got to run over by cars.

Sometimes, too many frogs on the road, and I can not avoid and run over them. So sad.

It really gets me down.

Watch them out when you drive on a country road in Japan in this season.

The frog's body would disappear the next day.

Guess, what happened to the frog's body?

They get eaten by crows and kites on the next day.

So that is the modern ecosystem in Keihoku.

It is difficult to measure how much human being's lives are giving impact to the ecosystem around. I think running over them by car is not a super big impact.
But we are giving a big impact to the ecosystem from daily life.

Satoyama people respect nature and live in harmony with nature for a long time.

We believe that all things have a spirit. We respect them.

I should respect frogs too.

And try to drive slowly avoiding them to not run over.

It may be not a big deal to the ecosystem, but it's a big deal to my spirit.