Giants? Tigers? It's gotta be Keihoku Keysers.

The most popular sport in Japan is baseball.

And of course, baseball is popular in Keihoku as well.

The local Shuzan Junior High School baseball team is the third in Kyoto City in this spring tournament, and the baseball team of Kitakuwada High School is also a strong team, so baseball is popular in Keihoku.

The "Keihoku Keysers" is an amateur baseball team made up of people who love baseball in Keihoku.
In fact, this Keihoku Kaisers team won the Japan Cup, a national amateur baseball tournament, two years ago.

Mr. Ichise, the captain of the Keihoku Keysers, told us that.
(The person who is tossed up in the air in the picture is Mr. Ichise.)

"The Kaisers members are alumni of Kitakuwada High School baseball team who live in Keihoku and Kyoto City. They love baseball and play baseball every week. I hope that more people will learn about Keihoku through Keysers."

There are some members who came back to Keihoku because there is a Strong Keysers' connection.

I have high expectations for the future success of the Kaisers of Keihoku.
I heard that he will represent Kyoto in the national amateur baseball tournament, Takamatsunomiya Cup this weekend, so please support Keihoku Keysers.
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