Watch out Tobidashi boy!

I saw my family off this morning.
And I looked at "Tobidashi boy" sign standing on the road in front of our garage.


"Tobidashi" means "jump out" in Japanese.

That sign for drivers to get aware of children jump out to the road.

There are many of these signs in Keihoku and all over Japan.

This Tobodashi boy near my house was handmade by local elementary school children' parent.

There are different kinds of Tobidashi boy in other areas in Keihoku.

I went to check them out.


I have to go to USJ(Universal Studios Japan) to see this boy!
But he is looking after local children here.


You don't have to use "Pokemon go" to find him.
I didn't catch him though.

"Kumanoko Oofu"(bear cub Oufu) a picture book I often rented in the library when I was an elementary school student.
In Keihoku, we have real bears appear sometimes.


I found this old Tobidashi boy. I don't know about this character, maybe handmade!?

Summer vacation is coming soon.

Please watch out children when you drive and have a safe trip!