Ohh my sweet vegetables!!

This year, I've been taking good care of my farm, so my vegetables are growing pretty good.
The other day, I went to see my vegetable, and I found eggplants were growing well and ready to harvest.


"Let me harvest them tomorrow!"

And the next day I went to harvest them with a happy mood.



My cutie eggplants aren't there.

What's going on!?

Did my wife harvest first? No, it can't be.
Because I just said to her"I'm gonna harvest eggplants." And she said "Sounds good. Thanks!".
Then I came to the farm.

We just had a conversation like that.

Is she kidding me!?

" Actually, I harvested them already. haha"

No, she is not such a kind of person.

I looked around after I made such a foolish guess for a moment.


My Sweet potato leaves have got eaten...


There is no Mr. potato next door.
And it's clearly being dug up by someone.

And I checked other vegetables,
Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, corn, cabbage...

Everybody's gone...

It seems that small animals ate vegetables on our farm.
It's too sad.

Perhaps the culprit is a badger or a raccoon dog or something...


Perhaps the best solution would be to upgrade an animal net to save veggies, but it would cost a lot of money.
I couldn't do anything about it, so I peed there to show my existence.

Well, from a wild animal perspective, They just eat vegetables because there were vegetables there. Why not!

Like a mountain climber, Why do you climb?

"Because it's there."

The concept of human ownership is not something that animals know.
I felt desperate for a while, but when I think from the animal perspective, I calmed down a little.
On the positive side, there are still some vegetables that have not been eaten yet.
Well, I should buy an animal net or fix the net.