Ant-lion (Arijigoku) fishing

It rains a lot during the rainy season.

I don't feel like going out because of the weather.

My daughter keeps saying "Show me something!" all day long.
(this means she wants to watch anime on the internet)

Well, I wondered if there's anything fun near my house.


I got a good idea!


I found a nest of Ant-lion the other day, so I decided to observe the ecology of Arijigoku today.

(The round thing in the picture is the ant-lion's nest. A larva of ant-lion is characterized by making a spiral nest(where insects can not go out once they got in it) in the sand and eating insects such as ants.)

We call a larva of ant-lion as "Arijigoku" in Japanese.

Old houses in the countryside are not based on concrete, so I think you can find the nest of Ant-lion's nest often.

I took my daughter out right away and put ants in the nest with her.

Ants got eaten by a larva of ant-lion straight away.

When I put ants in, I could only see the mouth of Arijigoku, so I wanted to see its whole body, so I decided to catch Arijigoku by fishing rod.

We made very simple fishing equipment by sewing thread and woolen yarn (lure) tied to a branch.

we will start fishing for Arijigoku.


As soon as I put it in the nest, I got a bite.

yes come on! nice pull!

After a desperate fight, I managed to catch it outside the nest!

This is Arijigoku.

looking pretty gross.

Of course, we released Arijigoku after the observation.

Arijigoku fishing was quite exciting and fun.

Have a try, if you find a nest.