DIY Monkey bars

I heard that playing monkey bars give very good effects on children brain development.

And one day, when I went to pick my five-year-old daughter up from nursery, then I asked my daughter "Can you play monkey bars well?".

"Yep, I can do it! LOOK, LOOK!" She said and hung on the monkey bars.

She seems to like playing monkey bars.

And she begged me, "I WANT MONKEY BARS AT HOME! Please ~ Please ~".

I thought I might be able to make it myself.

And I answered, "OK, I'll make it for you. Do you mind if it's gonna be super early Christmas present?"

Daughter "yay! no prob!"

So I promised to make monkey bars for my daughter.

How can I make it?? but I have promised...

First of all, I went to a DIY store to look for getting ideas and materials to make it.

There were 2-meter long bamboos that looked good for the hanging part for 100 yen, so I bought 2 of them. I also bought a drill bit to make a hole in a tree.

I found thin trees for the bottom part of monkey bar nearby mountains.

So I started to make it, I had trouble fixing the handle.

I thought I could do it in about an hour, but it took about 2 hours to finish the upper part.

Later, I made a foundation(bottom part). And fixed it with the upper part.

Whew!, it took me 5 hours.

I can't guarantee the safeness, but it's good enough. I did a good job.

My daughter is very happy.


Playing with this monkey bars and she's gonna be a genius?!

When she is not playing it, I can use it as a laundry hanging, so it is convenient.
It might be used more as laundry hanging.