It's been raining a lot lately.

Let me introduce our rainy season's guest who visited our house the other day.

My wife noticed the guest visiting when she was about to take a bath.

The wife said "Hey, come and see!" and called me.


She overreacts to many things.

I thought it's not a big deal in my heart, and went outside.

(Our bathroom is located outside from the main building.)

"What's going on!?"

Wife "Look at this, it's so huge isn't it !?"

Me "Wow! This is so huge!!"

I'm kinda small react person, but I was surprised.

The guest was a giant slug.

This is definitely the biggest slug I have ever seen at my house.

I couldn't help comparing it to the cigarette box.

The box is about 9 cm, it seems about the same size.

I checked it on the internet, it should be a mountain slug and the big ones can be 13 ~ 16 cm.

You might see them while walking in the mountains.

Slugs have parasites sometimes, so you should wash your hands if you touch them.

I like this the kinda surprise guest to make my daily life exciting.