Play in the river

It's awesome living in Keihoku, cos it's very easy to access nature.

When children are small, their various senses could be developed by playing in nature.

I play with my children in nature as much as possible on the weekend.


So I went to the nearby river to catch a fish with my daughter.

I could see many fishes from the bridge, but they hide to somewhere when we got in the river.

We try to fish them for 30 minutes, but we could catch only one.


We stop fishing because I got sucked by mosquitos.

I found a Japanese fire belly newt in a puddle nearby.


You should wash hands if you touch them. And do not touch your eyes and mouth before you wash.

Because they have strong poison called the tetrodotoxin. The same type of poison as blowfish (fugu).

But Japanese people used to grill and eat them old days. So they should not have so much poison.

We brought back them to the home. But they disappeared away from the bucket. Of course, they can climb up.

I go to catch them again if I feel like it.

I can go to nature anytime which is awesome.

Come and play in a river in Keihoku.

Everybody can enjoy!