Satoyama drive in summer

The rainy season seems to be over.

It got to be super hop suddenly here in Keihoku.

It was 35 degrees in Shuzan downtown Keihoku.

(My car's thermometer showed 33 degrees)


It is hot. It's super hot.

But it's kinda nice feeling with fresh air in the countryside.

I like to drive a car with the window open all the time in the countryside.

We don't have many traffic lights so it's nice to drive but it makes me drive a bit to fast.

You need to be careful with animals especially deer and human beings come out to the road some times.

Be aware of the speeding checks I see it sometimes.

Today's lunch had the lunch Bento box in the arbor of the farm road.


I could see thunderheads in the distance. It is really summer sky.

We had s terrible shower yesterday and today.

It gets cool after the rain, but it was a bit too much.

If you come to the mountainous area by motorbike or bicycle. Check the weather forecast well, the weather changes often in the mountain.