Keihoku manhole design

I went to a walk around my office.

When I looked up the sky, there are thunderheads, and it tastes really summer.6bdb3b36738369461ea2c0cc53cb049b3740efcc.jpg

While my walk I found a manhole of Kehioku.


(Keihoku is in Kyoto city since 2005. It used to be a Keihoku town before that.)

The manhole is from the period of Keihoku town.

Its designed rhododendron on the center. Rhododendron was a symbol flower of the Keihoku town.

It got cedar trees design around the rhododendron.

Because Keihoku is famous for cedar tree since over a thousand years.

Actually, I didn't know the manhole design until today. I never paid attention to this manhole design.

I heard there are manhole design collectors in Japan.

There must be nice designed manholes in Japan.

So if you travel to Japan. It would be fun to check out different manholes.

And you are very welcome to Keihoku just even checking out our manhole. haha