Keihoku givers

I met an elderly lady in my neighborhood on the way to my office.

"Hi, how are you?."

We had a standing talk for a little while.

"Let me give you cucumbers. Hey, why don't you have a sit here!? Let's have this popsicle." she said and gave me 2 soda taste popsicles.

While eating the popsicle, we had a small talk for about 15 minutes.

"Let me give you a pumpkin."she said.

"Oh no, thanks, are you sure? this is too good. so can I have it!? Thank you."

(Japanese are funny. We say often "no thanks" first when someone gives you something even we are happy to get the thing. Which is confusing. You can just say thank you as a foreigner.)

I also received a wonderful pumpkin.

Thank you!

I left there and finish small work nearby.

"Hey, how you doing!? Would you like some tomatoes!?" the neighbor talked to me.

"If you like, help yourself from the garden." He added.

Of course, I picked tomatoes thankfully.

And after I got to my office and was having a break outside.

The landlady of my office talked to me.

"Please have these tomatoes".

"Oh thank you very much!"

What's going on today? I got many vegetables for free. How come locals are givers?

Isn't it so nice?

We have a lot of givers in Keihoku.

I think these warm people make Keihoku a great place to live.

What am I giving to the world!?, not much...

I respect their giving spirit, and I'll follow their style and become a giver like them someday soon.