On your summer style

Many riders and cyclists often visit Keihoku area.

Running on a mountain road with a motorbike or bicycle is fun and it's very refreshing to breathe fresh air.

I sometimes go to my office with my scooter Super Cub.

An agricultural container is attached on the back of the bike, so it is convenient to put anything in it.

The green color of the Super Cub and the yellow color of the container are the best color matching and looking cool! I think.

And it's not just cool looking, but also very good on gas. It can run more than 50km with 1 liter of gasoline.
Great isn't it!?


(The photo is me on Super cub.)

I saw this kind of looking person when I visited Vietnam. Looking nice summer style!?

Get dressed in your style and come to Keihoku to refresh.