Giant salamander

I visited a friend's house in a Yamaguni Keihoku because I had a little business.

"Hey, how you going!?"

My friend said,

"There's a giant salamander in the ditch behind the rice field."


So I was guided to the waterway behind the house.


A giant salamander was in the ditch as it lives there normally like a being in their living room.

For the past few days, there have been several giant salamanders in the friend's pond in the garden, which is connected to the waterway behind.

As you know, Japanese giant salamanders are a nationally protected species in Japan.

I have an image of their living in the upper stream, but recently I've heard about seeing giant salamanders in Kamogawa river Kyoto city central.

Most of the Japanese giant salamanders in Kyoto are crossed with Chinese giant salamanders, and native species are on the verge of extinction.

Even in Keihoku which is in the upper reaches of Katsura River, crossbreeding of Japanese giant salamanders is advanced, and this one is highly likely to be a crossbreed.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I am touching you.

As expected, it was slimy.

In fact, Japanese giant salamanders have a strong biting force, so if you find them, you should not touch them. They could bite your pinky off.

Japanese giant salamanders are called "Sansho uo" in Japanese. (Uo means fish.)
Japanese mountain pepper is called "Sansho"

When they get angry, they secrete whitish liquid, which is similar to the smell of Japanese mountain pepper, and that is the origin of the name.

They are eaten as a precious protein source in mountain villages in the past.
(Can not do anymore.)

It sounds delicious for me. I heard taste like between fish and chicken.

Of course, I curbed my desire to eat it.

On my way home, I dropped in Woody Keihoku farmer's market. And I bought Japanese mountain pepper powder instead of eating salamander.

Japanese pepper from Keihoku tastes really good and it got a beautiful flavor.

The price is 850 JPY for 15g.

It's a sundry handpicking organic one.

Try it and feel the taste of salamanders!

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