Something flew and hit on my forehead

The flowers bloomed beautifully this morning. Which I was writing about on the blog "natural present" before.


Hopefully not but they might get eaten by dear tonight. lol


I'm happy that a beautiful flower bloomed.

There are other ones who appreciate the flower blooming like a human.

When I opened the window one of them stroke on my forehead on the other day.

I didn't know what it was.

Later, my grandmother called me from the back garden,

"Hey come and have look. This is dangerous. We got to be careful."

I went to have a look at that.


That was paper wasp hive was found in between the stones in the garden.

It looks pretty big.

I have heard wasps are more active on day time.

A wasp watchman was on the duty. It was watching me...

We have to exterminate it from our garden somehow!


We need the pooh!!

Come and help us.