Feel the end of summer

The heat is eased for these several days, it gets cooler.

Tsukutsukuboushi(species of cicada) and a bell cricket began to sing, and approach at the end of summer is felt.

I will miss the hot summer.

I felt a bit sad by hearing the bell cricket in the dusk.

Calls and sounds of insect changing, as well as a seasonal change.

It is evanescent.

That reminds me Buddhism thinking "All earthly things pass away"

Do you know Japanese sparkler called "Senko Hanbi"? Which make me feel a kinda evanescent sense.

It has very small sparks but it sparks strongly and the spark drop suddenly.

I think it's really Japanesy.

Try Japanese sparkler and enjoy and feel an evanescent sense.


looking forward to seeing and taste autumn!