Living close to nature

I'm worried about having severe rain in many places of Japan.

Keihoku is surrounded by mountains.

The local river becomes like this photo if Keihoku gets heavy rain continuously.


It reminds me aware of the frightening forces of nature.

Well, I found some holes in my garden after the rain.


Quiz! Who dug this hole??

The answer is

アナグマ (2).jpg


They like earthworms and insect larvas and dig holes to find them.

It's easier to dig holes after rain. So they come and dig holes in night time stealthily.

Sometimes they eat our vegetables too.

Dear Mr. and Ms. Badger.

How are you!?
I would like to get along with you as you are my neighbor.
You can come to my garden and dig holes if you really need, but I would appreciate you could stop digging my vegetables. Thank you.