Weather forecaster of Satoyama?

The other day, when I got home after work, there was a mysterious black cloud in the sky.

And I thought, "There's a shower coming, so I have to go home quickly!" so I hurried home.

When I got out of the car I met a river crab who was walking at my feet in my garage.


I talked the river crab, "Hey The river is over there. This is a garage on a mountainside."

But He didn't care me and walked sideways busily and stayed in the garage.

That reminded me, my grandma's saying "When river crabs come up to the higher land from the river where they live. The water level goes
up and the river can be flooded.

And after that, it rained so heavily. I got heavy rain and flood warning.

the river crab came to tell me about it? Maybe...

And this morning I found a mantis on a lily flower.


And I remember a taught from my friend who is gardener a while ago.

"If you find a mantis egg, take a close look at its position.

Is it low in the grass or trees in the garden? Is it higher like a wall?

If it is in a low position, it would not snow much for that winter.

And if it is high, then it would snow a lot for that winter. "

And He added, "I'm surprised that this is so right!".

I asked the mantis "Where did you lay your eggs this year?"

But I got no answer.

OK, fair enough.

I wander the winter forecast for this year. Please, anyone let me know!