New harvest rice arriving soon!

It's been hot last a few days like summer came back.

This weekend I saw many people harvesting rice in Keihoku.

We have beautiful water form upper Katsura river so Keihoku rice tastes beautiful.


Mostly farmers use a combine harvester to harvest rice.

It combined rice harvesting and threshing.

When I grow rice before I harvested by hand and took us for 3 days to just harvest by five of us.

But combine harvester could do this for just 2 hours.

It's hundreds times faster than hands.

I like the classic style but if everybody does that way, the price of rice would be double or triple or more.

I heard natural sun-dried rice has a bit better taste.

But it takes time and difficult to keep the quality.


Another 2 weeks、Keihoku rice would be available on markets.

We could find them in woody Keihoku.

Please try it so good!

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