Got good harvest of figs

Rice harvesting has started in Satoyama that is a sign of Autumn beginning.

I harvested figs from my backyard.

We never had a good harvest of figs.

Crows eat them all usual years.


But this year, a fig tree beer a lot of fruit as that can share with crows.

It's super organic.
In other word, we did not take care of it.

Surprisingly great harvest.

I was wondering what can I do with a lot of figs.

Then I got a request from my family "we want you to make them jam"

OK, good idea!


Ingredient: figs 750-800g, sugar 250 - 300g, lemon juice 3-4 tablespoon. (I put honey instead of half of the sugar)

① Peel off fig skin. Tip: Easier peel from the top.

② Cut figs into bite-size. (It's ok to be bigger)


③ Put cut figs and sugar and lemon juice into a pan.

④ Leave it for 30mins. Then the water comes out from figs.


④Simmer it by low to medium heat.


After simmering about 30mins. It became like this.


⑤Stir to check. If you think it is a jam. then finish!



I tasted it.....

Yes, it's fantastic!

If you get a lot of figs.

Try making a jam!

It's fun and yummy!