Primitive gathering life "torreya-nuts"

I think in the period of hunting-and-gathering age, people must have had great wisdom to live with nature harmoniously.

When they walk in a forest, they can find the necessary things easily and knowing where to find good foods and everything.

And this wisdom was passed on to a decade ago. But now we are losing it.

I harvested torreya-nuts that should have been eating by human beings form the gathering age. It means I can teste the ancient.

Torreya-tree is very rare nowadays. It takes a long time for them to grow, so that is really strong wood and expensive.

That's why we don't have that tree much anymore. A lot of them have been cut.


The inside part of the nuts is edible.


You can get really good oil from this nut. good smell.

Nuts have a strongly alkaline taste, so I have to roast them to eat.

We finished peering the skin off this time.

I'm gonna try roasting and tasting. And I will share on this blog soon.