Autumn nuts "Jujube"

When I was traveling in China, I loved jujube(Chinese date) .

It has great nutrition, such as fiber, vitamin b, potassium, folate, iron, calcium, phosphorus.
It was popular as Chinese medicine.

The other day I found and bought jujubes in Woody Keihoku (Farmer's market).

The texture is like an apple texture. I like its sweet and sour taste.

When I go back home I talk about jujube to my family.

"I found and bought jujubes at the market but I've never seen jujube tree."
My mother said,
"There is a big jujube tree nearby. "

So I went to have a look jujube tree at Neighborhood's yard.


"Wow, it's much bigger than I imagined."

I talked the neighbor,

"Hi, you have a great jujube tree. I did not know this is a jujube tree. Can I have a look closer?"

Neighbor said,

"Of course, have some! Children don't know this nut is edible but this was a snack for me when I was a kid."

I got a lot of jujubes from my neighbor.


"I'm so glad. Thank you so much"