Primitive gathering life " tasting torreya-nuts"

I wonder how did people enjoy the harvest of Autumn in the hunting and gathering period?

I think the people were busy harvesting various nuts, fruits and mushrooms.

But I heard people from the age worked about only 4 hours a day, so it wasn't as busy as today. In addition, I imagine that it was happily busy like "Hey, look! there are nuts! And Here are mushrooms! yeah!".

But thanks to modern technology, I can live a safe and comfortable life, so I don't want to live like the Jomon period. But I'm still attracted by a primitive lifestyle.

Thinking about the lives of our ancestors, I decided to try the Torreya-nuts harvested last weekend. (The harvest is introduced on the blog on September 24.)

Torreya-nuts have strong alkaline taste, so you can't eat them raw, but you can eat them if you roast them.

I could have roasted them in the kitchen at home, but I decided to cook them the primitive way outside with my daughter.

When the fire gets settled, put the nuts into the frying pan.

Shake the pan sometimes to avoid burning.


By high to medium heat, it took 15 to 20 minutes to get cooked and the color gets beautifully browned.


We have to crack the shell to eat the nut.

As I'm a rock 'n' roller I used rocks to crack them.




That's too strong.

I found an easier way that peeling it by hand.

After roasting them, the shell will get crack, so you can peel the shell off with your hands.


The taste was much better than I imagined. It's pretty good.

Personally, I felt it tasted like between chestnuts and walnuts.

It's bitter if you don't peel the thin skin, but I personally liked it the bitterness.

By the way, I tasted it raw, it was so bitter and not edible.

My daughter doesn't like walnuts, but she liked it.
So she was happy to eat it saying, 'It's so delicious.'.

*Children should be careful not to eat the nut too much. The alkaline is so strong, so pregnant women should not eat them.

My daughter probably wouldn't eat kaya nuts if they were served normally at home, but I think the cooking process was fun and so she felt taste better than usual.

Why don't you gather nuts and make a fire to eat them?

It's so fun.

Make your primitive DNA happy.

Another good is,
My daughter listens to me well, while doing outdoor cooking as I'm a teacher.

I think that can improve a family relationship.

Great isn't it?

So why not give it a shot?