Harvesting "Akebi"

Akebi grows wild with vines on the net of the field.

I love wild edible fruits cos they grow naturally and no need to take care like vegetables in the field.

Thank you fruiting this year again!

Have you ever eaten Akebi?

It has full of seeds and not much to eat. But it tastes good with a gentle sweetness.

It's a bit sticky, and taste like banana or persimmon.

The skin of akebi is edible if you cook.

so I asked my wife to cook akebi stir-fry with miso and eggplant.


The skin has a strong alkali, so it's better to fry over low heat for a long time.



It has a unique bitterness like a bitter gourd and eggplant-like texture.

It tastes GOOD?... maybe more like OK.

It is edible.

But I couldn't eat it much because of the alkaline taste.

I felt a strange fullness feeling, maybe because of the effects of alkali, and honestly, I don't want to eat it again for this year.

It might be good for people who want to lose bodyweight.

I should have removed the alkali off more somehow.

So I checked how to remove the bitterness and the alkali.

And I found a way that soaking them in rice washed water overnight. Then they will be easier to eat.

If the alkali is removed properly, it could be good as a side dish.

I saw them sold in the farmers market Woody Keihoku, so if you are interested in, please try!