Night time is getting longer

We have no light of the neon signs. So it gets dark at night time as it should be.

It's already dark when I go back home from work.

No one is walking on the street, but I see wild animals often.

I saw a wild boar family today on the way home.

I see them once or twice a month. But I didn't see them that often before.


Drove 2km after seeing wild boar family, raccoon dog come out.

Ofcourse, I see deer very often. I see twenty deer sometimes.

I would love to catch them by a rope like cowboys do if I could. (Maybe I need a license.)

The other day, I saw a Japanese black bear for the first time.

You'd better watch out animals while driving mountain road at night time.

They will hit you. Or you will hit you.

Drivers get annoyed by Anomals. But animals get annoyed by drivers.

Let's get along with them.

When I get to my neighborhood, an old neighbor dog is welcoming me coming back.

"Hey, you back!" he says.


When I moved to my house 3 years ago, the dog used to pooed his poo in front of my house. But he stopped doing.

Maybe he gave me his territory and accepted my family as his mates.