Harvesting Autumn but ...

As autumn deepens,

the trees growing in our garden are lively.

We have chestnut and persimmon trees.

The trees bear fruit that will depend on the weather of the year.

I heard that "There are good fruiting years and not good years.".

Around last week, the chestnut burs burst and nuts popped on the street.

Every time the wind blew, they fall.


And we have two persimmon trees.


One is a sweet persimmon.

And the other one is astringent persimmon.


I don't eat astringent persimmons.

But my neighbor is a big fun of astringent persimmons.

My neighbor taught me how to eat astringent persimmons.

"Put shochu(alcohol) on the top of them and leave them in a plastic bag for around 4 to 5 days. Then they will be super sweet and yummy."

Astringent persimmon funs are not only my neighbor.

The other day, monkeys came and ate astringent persimmons.

The top picture is an astringent persimmon that a monkey seems to have eaten.

And not only monkeys but also other persimmon lovers.

Bears love persimmons too.

A few years ago, a bear came to a persimmon tree in my neighborhood.

When I saw a deep scratch on the trunk, I shivered a little.

I hope you don't meet the bear at harvest time.