A sunny Autumn day

It's been cold the last few days.

It was so foggy and beautiful this morning.

After having fogs, we have a sunny day. That I have learned after I moved Keihoku.

Not checking the weather forecast, check the sky and feel the nature. Then you could know the weather.
That's Satoyama style.

I didn't like rain when I was living in cities, but now I appreciate the rain that moisturizes satoyama life.

I try to live with nature harmoniously. 
I think Satoyma lifestyle is inconvenience sometimes but there is authenticity and that makes me feel good.

Today I took a walk with my son on a sunny day to find the feelings of Autumn.


I found a pampas grass.

I tickle you. baby!

That's how I spend a sunny Autumn day.

Find a little Autumn and enjoy it!