Don't miss the early Autumn colors

Street trees Momiji(Japanese maple) changing to Autumn colors on route 162 in Keihoku.

You can see Autumn leaves from late November in Kyoto central. 
But you can see them them from early November in Keihoku .

About 2 weeks earlier.


The photo was taken on November 10th at Jigenji temple.

This temple is just 5 mins walk from Shuzan bus terminal. It's easy to access without a car.

Fallen leaves are photogenic too(at Jigenji temple pool)

Please come and enjoy Autumn leaves in Keihoku.


Address of Jigenji-temple
4 Uedai, Shuzancho, Keihoku, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto-City
(5 mins walk from Shuzan bus terminal)