Colorful autumn foot print

Autumn is the fashion season. I saw people are enjoying the autumn colors in their fashion like Chestnut brown and deep red stole or chocolate brown boots in the city.

fashion season also came to the Satoyama. Today, I'll introduce what I found on the ground. In this season we can find many kinds of fall leaves.

落ち葉 柿の葉.JPG

These are persimmon's leaves. Same persimmon's leaves but it has different colors and beauty.

落ち葉 桜.JPG

Cherry blossom shows us beautiful flowers in the spring and its leaf has a beautiful Autumn color.

落ち葉 もみじ.JPG

I also found red maple leaf.

While taking photos of leaves, it reminds me of the pressed leaf that I used to make it between the heavy dictionary when I was an elementary school student. Maybe I'm gonna make one for me with a child's mind.