Looking up autumn color

I wrote about the beautiful leaves which I found on the ground on the last article. So today I'll introduce what I found above the head.

Japanese pampas grasses are gently shaking in the autumn wind by the river.

The temperature difference between heat and cold theses days changes the colors of leaf beautifully autumn.

秋の風景 上桂川.JPG

It colored like a patchwork in Yamaguni's park.

秋の風景 運動公園.JPG

Before the road going to Yuge also changing colors.


What a beautiful orange they are!


And I found this cute red fruit in front of me.

木の実 赤.JPG

Now is the best timing to see the beautiful changing colors of leaves in Keihoku. Why don't you came and driving or touring around Keihoku. Please put the Keihoku plan on your to-do list for this weekend!