Firewood is a part of our life

Following on from the previous article, I would like to talk about firewood.

At our house, firewood is a part of our life.

We use firewoods for two ways, one for the bath and the other for the woodstove.

We use different kinds of wood depending on the purpose, so we stock them around the house separately.

The firewood used in the bath is mainly cedar and cypress.


It catches fire well and burns relatively quickly, so it's easy to use. (It's a little smoky. It may be just not dry enough.)

We also use construction waste materials if we can get them. They are very dry so burn well and so they're useful.

Use before disposal. It's economy and ecology.

We use various kinds of wood for the woodstove. I prefer hardwood.

Oaks are really good firewood.


They last long and have a lot of heat( heavy and more dense ≒ more carbon), they are great for firewood.

Especially in the middle of winter, it cools down to below the freezing point, so you can reduce the number of times you go outside to get firewood.
That's a good point to use hardwood, I don't want to open the door to let cold air in.
By the way, when I stack the firewood high as shown in the picture, I stack the firewood sideways sometimes to make it stable. (It wasn't stable enough. It got fallen alter. I Needed stack firewoods sideway more.)

Stacking firewood is like playing with building blocks for adults, and I like it very much.

It is a common belief among my friends that collecting firewood properly in Keihoku is "Tips for marital harmony".

Keeping body temperature is the top priority in survival skills.

I need to keep enough firewoods to make our family survive and happy.

By having a wood stove, I enjoy a cold winter more than before.

"Hey, winter! We have enough firewood so we're ready for the cold. Come to Keihoku anytime" Nohhhhhhht!.
Please don't be too hard on me.