Grandma's farm part 3

"Winter vegetables are getting ready to harvest,

Pick it up and let's eat it! "Grandma said to me.

So I went to grandma's field this morning.

And I thought, "Grandma when you did it?!"

A lot of green leaves of winter vegetables were growing well without my notice.

おばあちゃんの畑 大根.JPG

This row is for a Japanese radish. Grandma always grows them a lot to make pickles.


This row is for carrots. Fresh leaves are also delicious when eaten with Ohitashi. (boiled vegetable seasoned with soy sauce.)

This row is for komatsuna will grow bigger. We often eat simmered komatsuna.


There are also cabbages. Grandma grows vegetables organically.

So sometimes insects taste it first.

All my family says "It's safe to eat!" Insects have eaten it!"


One of the most typical winter vegetable is Chinese cabbage.

Actually, I didn't know how Chinese cabbages grow when I lived in a city.

At first, it looks like just leaves like komatsuna.


But the leaves gradually roll toward the center.


By repeating that process, you will grow into the shape you see in stores.


I know the best time to eat winter vegetables,

But I don't know when I should plant seedlings or sow seeds, so I have to thank my grandmother.

Thank you for this winter as well, I think I will make a hot pot by using them.

I looked at the row at the end of the field, and there were strawberries.


The cold season will come soon, so I'm worried if they can survive the winter.

I would like to cover them with a straw futon so then I can see the strawberries again in spring.

A lot of winter vegetables. Grandma, thank you.