Dusk walk

The autumn has deepened and it gets dark earlier now.

The day is getting shorter, but my children still have full energy in an evening.

At dusk, I took my daughter and son to a walk.

Honestly, I thought it's a little annoying to take them for a walk before we took.

But after a walk, I felt that "I love a walk. It 's always nice to take a walk."

Of course, children are also happy.



* Two-seater tricycles is dangerous, so please don't try.

After this moment, they rolled over.


The area was dyed red and it was beautiful at sunset.

After the beautiful sunset, it got really dark so quickly.

And there are not many street rights around my house.

It was dark.


If you are taking a walk at dusk, we recommend you to wear white clothes and reflective tassels.

Today, we almost got hit by a car when we are on the way back.

Be careful when you take a walk on a road without a sidewalk at dusk, especially in the countryside.