Home made Christmas tree

It's Sunday, so I was having a nap at home.

My daughter said to me, "Make me a Christmas tree."

Me "What?"

My wife added, "There is a cedar tree in the garden that is just right size for Christmas tree, so can you cut it!?"

Me "What?"

Me "Okey..."

I took my body out from Kotatsu table and went outside the house without my will.
(Kotatsu is a Japanese table with a built-in heater. It got a blanket that covers all four sides and keeps the heat underneath.)

I checked the cedar that grew naturally in the garden was the perfect size for the Christmas tree.

I could have cut it myself, but I asked my daughter to cut it for education.

Probably this was the first experience for her to cut a tree. It took her about 10 minutes to do so.


Screw plywood under the cut cedar.

Take the Christmas tree base to home and decorated it.

Looking good.


After decorating, my daughter was writing a letter to Santa.


My daughter's wish was written as "I want a blue camera.".

Ans my daughter wrote everyone's wishes as well as practicing writing.

For me "Time"

For wife "Money"

For her brother 1 "Snacks"

For her brother 2 "No falling plate."

The brothers' wishes were decided by my daughter without asking them. Because they can not talk yet.

Me "No falling plate??"

My daughter " It's because he often drops dishes from the table." lol

So, Santa Claus, please take care of our wishes!!

This is the way to make a natural-style Christmas tree.

Why don't you make a Christmas tree with trees growing nearby?

I think it eco-friendly.

You can kill two birds with one stone by pruning a tree in your garden and making a Christmas tree.