Hand made laurel swag

The other day, a gardener friend gave me laurel leaves with the branches.

Laurel seems to be commonly used for garden trees, and it seems better to prune it regularly.

So, this time I got a share of laurel.

Laurels are called lauriers or bay leaves and can be used as spices.

And if you put it in a rice bag or a closet, it will also help repel insects.

(If you use it in a closet, put it in a mesh bag.)

The laurel I got was hanging on a wood stove for a while. And my wife made a swag for the children's room by using the laurel.


The laurel is already super dry, but it is quite nice looking.

My wife decorated it nicely with vines with red and dark blue fruits that grew around.


There is a bear bell at the top of the swag.

My wife says,
"I put the bear bell for wishing my children don't have a bear attack."

Sounds good!

Why don't you make a swag by yourself!?

I think it's easy, just bundle dried flowers and just hang them.
You can make something swag.