Wood chopping exercise

I use firewoods for the bath boiler and for a woodstove in the room, so I stock firewood all year round.

That's why I chop firewoods when I feel like.

Have you ever chopped firewood ??

It's a good exercise to chop the wood, and it feels good if it split well.

Since yoga has a pose of chopping wood, it should be good for physically and mentally.

It may be inconsistent with living with firewood, but I'm an efficientist, I think it's the best exercise is to not just maintain health but to live.

Especially in the winter, the body gets warmed up.


Take aim.


By the way, I took the photos myself with the self-timer. Lol

If someone Looked at the scene of taking my self-portrait, I think I was looked a bit silly.


This is my ax.

Now I can use it well, but when I was a beginner I broke the handle of it with a bad swing.

I fixed it using the broken umbrella handle.

It has been almost two years since the fixing, but it is still OK. It doesn't look pretty, but I'm happy with it. because I want to use things as long as I can.

You can experience wood chopping in farm guesthouses in Keihoku.
So if you have a chance, try it. It's real fun.