Natural beauty item "Yuzu lotion"

I got a lot of yuzu pomace the other day.

I can still use them.

Yuzu has a nice flavor so I put it in alcohol such as vodka and drink it like a cocktail.

On the night we got yuzu pomace.

My wife was doing something in the kitchen.

So I checked what she was doing.
She was busy taking out the seeds of yuzu.

I asked my wife "What are you doing?"

And she answered "I'm making yuzu body lotion. I can make a really good lotion by yuzu seeds. It will be a kind of syrupy lotion that can keep moist of skin and it's fragrant. I heard that the seeds contain pectin that can keep moist of skin."

Yuzu body lotion making process is simple:
just soak the yuzu seeds in a white liquor.

After about a week, the ingredients of the seeds will get dissolved in the white liquor.

Why don't you try making yuzu lotion to get a natural beauty!?

(Please do not use this if you develop skin conditions or if you have skin abnormalities. so please try it at your own risk.)