Making quince syrup

Is this winter a warm winter?

Of course, the temperature falls in the morning and evening in Satoyama.

We have no snow yet for this winter.

That is very rare for Keihoku.

But the air is dry. I had a sore throat and cough.

My grandmother got some quinces from a neighbor.

Grandma said to me "I think you can eat this."

When I peeled it, the smelled so good. But the fruit was so hard, I wonder if it's edible or not, so I googled it.

Google says "It is hard and tastes very bitter, so it is not suitable for eating raw."

Ohh, grandma...

I'm glad I didn't eat it (laughs).

Quince seems to have various medicinal properties that good for cough and sore throat.

I decided to make quince honey syrup.

Cut quince into small pieces.


Put the quince seeds in a tea bag and put it in the bottom of the bottle.

In fact, quince seeds have high medicinal properties.


Then, put the chopped quince and pour honey.


It's done! very easy.

The amount of honey was not enough. I'm gonna add some honey later.

Next morning, I drunk it with hot water.

Thanks quince, my throat has got better.

Please give it a try if you get a quince.