Come on garlic!

My vegetable garden got attack by deer and wild boars last year.

At the end of last year, I was wishing "I want to grow my vegetable."

After a few days,

A farmer friend of mine gave me some huge garlic and said
"The buds are out, so you can plant it." she quickly put soil into a pot and planted garlic in it, and gave it to me as a present.

Wow, I gotta my little vegetable garden.

Thank you!

Deer won't be able to eat this garlic.

After leaving it for about three weeks, I wondered what happened to the garlic and found it sprouting from the soil!



It seems to be planted in autumn, but if there is garlic sprouting in your kitchen, I think it will grow if you plant it now.

Please give it a shot.

I'm ready to harvest! Come on garlic!!